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Productivity with PlanGrid: New Features to Improve Project Speed, Communication, and Documentation

Over the past fifty years, productivity has declined in the construction industry while project execution has become more challenging than ever before. View our on-demand webinar to learn about new PlanGrid features that are already helping teams work faster, communicate more effectively, and instantly find the information they need.

Watch on-demand to learn about:

  • One-Tap Navigation: gain instant access to different areas of your project with a single tap. Available on iOS today and coming soon to Android.
  • 10x Faster Sheet Publishing: distribute thousands of sheets in minutes with the completely rebuilt intelligent sheet publishing experience.
  • Push Notifications: receive PlanGrid app notifications to reduce turnaround time for responses and streamline communications.
  • Mobile 360° Photos: upload 360° photos to issues and photo markups in PlanGrid to view within context of project drawings.

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