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Mastering the Art of Document Control 2.0: Faster, Better Management and Organization in PlanGrid

PlanGrid gives document controllers superpowers: the ability to update the record set in real-time, the assurance that everyone is building off the current set, and the ability to tag and organize sheets. With a new set of features, it’s now easier than ever to upload sheets and documents, organize them, and ensure that users are always viewing the most recent version.

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn about:

  • New sheet publishing flow: save time by batch-editing your sheets, finding and replacing characters, and defining the area to extract sheet numbers from for all sheets or a subset of sheets
  • Document versioning: upload a new version of a specification document, RFI, submittal, or other documents and have all links to that document automatically link to the newest version
  • Document subfolders: create folders within folders for organizing your document library

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