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Introducing PlanGrid Workspaces: Take control of how your team collaborates

All of the plans, documents, markups, and issues on a project can make it difficult for teams to focus. PlanGrid Workspaces offers flexibility in how your team collaborates by allowing your organization to split up projects based on phase, area, or trade. It provides a separate place where teams can access the people and information most relevant to specific aspects of a job, while also remaining connected to the main project. Watch our on-demand webinar to see a demo and hear best practices, including how to set up and use PlanGrid Workspaces for focused communication and privacy control.

You’ll learn how you can use Workspaces to:

  • Create a private workspace containing specific people, sheets, and documents
  • Add markups and documents that are only visible to people in the workspace
  • Ensure that sheets and documents are automatically updated in the workspace just as they are in the main project
  • Use the same tools already available in PlanGrid

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