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Introducing PlanGrid Connect: Custom Integrations in Minutes

Chances are that your company uses various technology applications to manage day-to-day work. While these applications can be siloed and lead to duplicate work, they offer specific strengths that are core to completing construction projects on time.

PlanGrid Connect powered by Azuqua gives real-time access to critical data in plans, progress photos and reports to anyone on your team who needs it, no matter which applications are in use. Join PlanGrid’s very own James Cook (Head of Strategic Alliances and Partnerships) and Sophat Sam (Technical Services) for this on-demand webinar to see how to use PlanGrid Connect to build a connected experience across all of your applications and automate daily tasks.

In this webinar, you learn about how PlanGrid Connects allows you to:

  • Create integrations in minutes (not months) through an out-of-box, no-code platform
  • Customize how information is shared between your most important applications
  • Automatically keep integrations up to date as applications improve or as your business scales

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